Stoke Holy Cross Primary School aims to support all its pupils and staff in reaching their full potential within the context of the 21st century. The school provides a welcoming, caring ethos, with staff and pupils working in full partnership with parents, governors, other schools and the wider community.

We will achieve this by:

  • providing all pupils with a safe, accessible, secure, caring and friendly environment where discipline is firm, fair and consistent;
  • providing all staff, governors and visitors with a safe, secure and accessible environment:
  • ensuring that all staff, governors and visitors receive equal regard and equal opportunity;
  • ensuring that all pupils receive equal regard and access to the curriculum;
  • providing a balanced education embracing the framework of the National Curriculum to help each pupil reach their full potential;
  • ensuring value for money and sound financial management.

The values we will encourage in our pupils are:

  • a desire to do their best for others and themselves;
  • respect for the work, values and ideas of others;
  • a desire to enhance the reputation of the school.
  • a desire to take care of and improve their learning and wider environment.

The values we will apply to the work of the school are:

  • putting the needs of the pupils first through the development of the highest quality professional planning, preparation and provision for the pupils in our care;
  • offering a safe and secure learning environment where the needs of pupils are responded to with care and consideration;
  • promotion of personal and professional development and overall well-being of pupils and staff;
  • recognising the worth of all members of the school.