Information for Parents

Parents or other members of the public can find out more about the curriculum we are following, on this page. Full details of each year group’s half-termly curriculum maps are found below.

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To view the RSE presentation from September 2020, please click here.

A new National Curriculum for Primary Schools came into law from September 2014. You can find the full document at:

Children in the Early Years (Reception) follow the requirements of ‘Early Years Foundation Stage Framework’. You can find the full document at:–2

At Stoke Holy Cross Primary School we follow the requirements of both of the above. Our planning uses cross curricular topics (eg a topic such as ‘Stone Age, Bone Age’ includes content drawn from History, Geography, Art and Music) alongside discrete subject teaching. Wherever possible we also seek to make meaningful links for the children between subjects and also to reinforce key literacy and maths skills across the curriculum. This includes extended writing opportunities planned in across the curriculum, and also planned opportunities for real-life Maths experiences, to supplement the daily discrete Maths lessons.  We seek also to actively promote British Values of tolerance, understanding of different faiths, democracy and the rule of law through our taught curriculum and school ethos (see Assembly Themes, Children’s Code and Curriculum Maps).

‘Keeping Safe and Healthy’ is a special topic area taught here, which aims to draw together a range of content connected by the theme of being safe. Examples include, e-safety, road safety, drugs and medicines education and SRE. This is further reinforced by our programme of Assembly themes and our Behaviour Policy.

Stoke Holy Cross Primary School follows the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus for RE.  RE is block planned, with Music, to provide more in depth coverage on alternate half-terms.

Phonics scheme – Letters and Sounds

Lower School Reading

It is our aim that every child should enjoy books and develop a life long enthusiasm for reading. Our home/school reading partnership is extremely important in supporting your child to read. Parents and Carers who work with us by regularly reading with their children will ensure that their child will continue to make good progress.

Reading is taught through a variety of methods with a high emphasis on phonics and the school is well resourced with library books, group readers and language games. We even have visits from ‘Fred’ the Reading Dog regularly to spark the children’s interest! Children are encouraged to take home their reading books on a daily basis and will be given the opportunity to change their books on a weekly basis.

Your child will change their stage books on ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

A home/school reading record book accompanies the reading books and parents/carers and teachers record children’s progress by writing comments in this book. Reading is part of every child’s weekly homework and we expect children to read at home ‘at least’ three times each week. Please make sure that whenever your child is heard at home you write a brief comment

This feedback is very useful. Children have access to a wide variety of other books and a wide range of reading material to ensure that they have a wide breadth of reading experience – not just from the book listed in their home-school reading book.

Our school library houses a comprehensive, wide range of appropriate fiction and non-fiction books and each class has its own selection of books to look at and read. Every class has a weekly library time where they can select a book to take home and share with their family and friends.

Please go onto the Oxford Owl website for more support and advice –

If you have any questions about reading, please come and speak to us. Happy reading!


Here is a link to a quick guide for you on how to pronounce phonics sounds so you can support your children at home 


We are surrounded by mathematics in our daily lives; in our jobs, through the technology we use, in science and engineering. Because of this, we believe that a high quality mathematics education provides pupils with a firm foundation for understanding the world in which they live. At Stoke Holy Cross Primary School, we are striving to deliver a mathematics curriculum which enables pupils to develop an understanding of the interconnected nature and beauty of the subject – leading to a lifelong love of mathematics.

We believe that mathematics lessons should provide pupils with the opportunity to experience new concepts through a range of concrete, pictorial and finally, abstract representations, thus enabling them to gain a deeper level of understanding.

We believe that pupils should be given the opportunity to investigate and explore mathematical concepts, allowing them to look for patterns and make generalisations.

We believe that all pupils should be encouraged to share their conjectures and to use mathematical reasoning to support these statements.

We believe that pupils should be given the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a real-life context and to solve problems, be it individually or collaboratively.

Above all else, we believe that every child has the potential to enjoy, and make progress in, mathematics.